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Roofing Company Toronto

5 ways To Spot A Fly-By-Night Roofing Contractor


1) Unprofessional manner and attire and a lack of proper communication and knowledge of roofing systems. If the contractor cannot answer your questions, walk away

2) One or two guys working out of a cargo-van with magnets advertising they are roofing contractors. Those magnets come off, as easy as they come on

3) Below-average pricing on the proposed work. A good roofing contractor is not looking to just make a quick dollar today

4) If the contractor tells you they can start tomorrow or immediately, be cautious. A GOOD roofing contractor will be in high-demand and may not be able to start immediately

5) An established company would have invested a great deal in their company. Look for things like a proper website, nice vehicles, professional attire and presentation
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