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Signs To Take Care Of:

Your Roof is the most important part of your home. Proper care must be taken. Consult a professional roofing contractor if some of the below roof signs occur.

Exposed Roofing Spots

When the asphalt that binds the granules starts hardening, the shielding rough surface of a shingle begins to wear off. There appear exposed spots or fine fissures on the surface of shingles due to considerable granular loss. If you found that there is considerable granular accumulation in the gutters, your roof possibly requires repair.

Wrecked or Lost Shingles

Shingles can break or can be lost in the storm or by snow removal. If the broken shingle is not repaired right away, there may be leakage of water, particularly if the broken shingle is on the sloping surface where run-off is slower on the roof.


Clasping is an evident twist or waviness in the straight shingle lines. It usually emerges in a shingles straight line running up the sloping roof. Mostly, poor ventilation, inappropriate flooring materials, or thinner-than-suggested the plywood may cause the distortion of the roof.


The moisture accumulates in the attic and affects shingle underside and it leads to upward twisting of shingle tabs in older roofs. Twisted shingles can lead to leakage of water. Additionally, twisted shingles are highly prone to damage or complete removal of storm or hails.


When the bottom edge of the single tab gets twisted under it, swelling in a shingle occur. Scratched shingles do not lie flat and are highly prone to damage or complete the removal of storm or hail.

Other Signs To take care of

Roofing Company Toronto Algae Staining
Roofing Company Toronto Damaged Flashings
Roofing Company Toronto Clogged or Damaged Vents
Roofing Company Toronto Excessive Paint Peeling on Ceiling
Roofing Company Toronto Missing Granules
Roofing Company Toronto Excessive Mold
Roofing Company Toronto Rotted or Loose Fascia & Gutters
Roofing Company Toronto Wet Spots On Ceiling
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