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Date posted: November 19, 2014

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A roof always runs the risk of a collapse…..but then that was not what it was meant for!
With The Roofers of Ontario and Mississauga around, your roof doesn’t become the de-facto floor. It remains just that….a roof!

Roofing supplies, Toronto is just the kind of thing The Roofers do. Be it a residence with steep roofs or one with a flat one, with roofing contractors in Toronto like us, your roof remains in tact year after year….forever.

That is not to say that we deal only in residential roofs. Our roofing supplies in Toronto includes servicing industrial set-ups.

A simple leak to an elaborate make-over of a damaged roof or simply a survey and estimation job; your first point of contact should be Mississauga’s roofing company, The Roofers!
Any why The Roofers? Simple!

– We are a decade-plus organization dedicated to the cause of building, repairing and maintaining roofs of every kind including providing roofing supplies in Toronto and neighboring areas

– We are a roofing contractor in Richmond Hill area with a thing about being on the right side of law which is reflected in all our employees and associates being trained rigorously for their area of specialization. Additionally, they are all covered under the WSIB.

– Our outlook towards honest and good business ethics is reflected in our being members of the Better Business Bureau.

– It goes without saying that we employ the best of practices ensuring our projects are done right from the very beginning.

We can keep shouting from the roof-tops about how good we are. But then would you believe it. Not necessarily. In which case, do go through what our clients have to say about us at http://www.theroofers.ca/testimonial

Whatever your need be, if you are in the vicinity of Toronto and require assistance with you roof, the roofing contractors of choice HAS to be The Roofers. To know more, do visit us at http://www.theroofers.ca/

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